Alexey Volkov is a Russian producer who is now living in Europe. His first single showed up in 2010 on Zone records which is ran by The Hacker, soon after he joined Terence Fixmer’s Planete Rouge label where he released 4 EPs and this summer his EP (with included mix CD by Anal Virginity) was released on Jealous God label which is ran by Silent Servant, Regis and James Ruskin.

Volkov gathers inspiration from legends like Daniel Miller, Chrislo Haas and mixes the elements and energy from EBM, industrial and old-school Techno records. He developed and demonstrated to have his own signature sound and emotion by creating Techno tracks which can only be truly experienced on a big sound-system. His music speaks for itself and his low key approach to PR shows that he has his own vision which he is always exploring. In 2015 he started to play live sets and take his music to where it was intended to be played in the first place.

On Oct 9-10 we will be presenting Alexey Volkov LIVE show in Vilnius, Sirius V Festival. Artists who will also be playing for us throughout those 2 nights include Post Scriptum LIVE, Peder Mannerfelt A/V LIVE, S13, rookas, Inner, Endie, Patricia Kokett and our visual engineer su~y.

Alexey Volkov: RADiscogsSoundcloud.

Alexey Volkov has agreed to answer a couple of questions and explain a bit about his background, influences, production process and other ideas to us before the show in Vilnius.

– When was the first time You have been introduced to music that really changed Your way of thinking about it?

My teenage years were a bit complicated, I tried not to stay at home. I was in a group of people who were a bit antisocial, they were listening to punk rock, alternative rock and electronica. That was the time when I found my way into music, it was my way to escape.

– Russia in the 90s wasn’t an easy place to live in and express Yourself, how did You find Your way?

The social problems were at such a high level that no one was into any scene, only later subcultures started to appear. I remember when in 1993 someone organised an event in the bunker in downtown. It was pure madness to do it in that period but it worked. I can still remember the smell of wet concrete in that place.

When the vinyl stores began appearing there were 2 main flows of records coming from Germany and UK. We were dependent on distributor tastes, only later it became easier to get music due to online stores, Discogs etc.

– You have left Russia a couple of years ago, can You reflect on this move already?

Right now I have an opportunity to travel a lot. I am feeling the difference in terms of psychological climate. The move gave me a chance to express my visions in a totally different and new way. As an artist I am absolutely free now.

– When have You decided that You want to produce Your own music? Your music has kept quite a similar emotion and energy throughout the years, it is quite obvious that You are inspired by EBM, Industrial, etc. music. What message are You trying to send through Your music?

5-7 years ago producers were using Myspace to find the label to release music on. Michel Amato (The Hacker) has received my demo and released my EP on his Zone records. After that I began to work with Terence Fixmer who has released some of my EPs on his Planete Rouge records.

Punk and Industrial music is something that has given me the basis. Also what is giving me the basis is the fight against the pressure during Margareth Thatcher when she ruled the UK in late 70s. The fight against conservatism is always inspiring me. Body Music is logical continuation of that rebellious spirit but a bit more masculine to me. Though, EBM today is cheesy. I am not really into the modern form of it but I can say that I am influenced by different aesthetics including EBM from the 80s.

– Even though Your first single came out in 2010 but You have been in the scene since the early 90s. What keeps You going after so many years?

It’s something that I can’t describe. Was it a scene? I don’t know. We were in high level of enthusiasm, ran away from police with our bags, there was a certain romance in the underground but I did not feel that I was in any scene. Same as today, I still don’t.

I feel in harmony to have the possibility to express myself via music. That’s maybe why I’m still going. I don’t try to analyse it, it’s just something that I need to exist. And as I said the main inspiration to me is the battle against conservatism. The rebelious spirit.

– Who were the DJs, artists that were important to You from Russia?

It was an art organization called Tsentr Tjazhelogo Isskustva (The Center of Heavy Arts). Those people have probably inspired me to have my own point of view and not to be afraid to be different.

– When going to the studio do You already go there with a certain type of idea in Your head, or do You prefer to let the sequencer run and build the track from there?

Never, I create all my tracks spontaneously, sometimes I start the track by running a sequencer, sometimes with the drums. There is no logic during this process and I trust only my intuition.

– Spontaneity is very important in music and it’s easy to get lost in a loop when producing music, how and when do You decide that the track is finished? Is it ever finished?

It all happens in an intuitive way as well. I just imagine how it will sound on a big soundsystem and that is enough for me.

– What is the differences between Your studio work and a live show?

It is two completely different processes. When I am alone with the recording, the statement is very different from a live performance. When I was DJing it was also very different from what I can feel now, it is very hard to compare the feelings when You are playing Your tracks in full. Honestly, I feel that to play 1 hour is not enough to open my life and express the emotion. Time goes extremely fast during the live performance.

– Is there a particular element,sound or mood that You are looking for in music?

Yes, the unique spirit and boldness to break the rules. I always try to catch the magic of the sequencer. A couple of years ago I went to an abandoned factory with my recorder, such sounds can be an inspiration for the entire track to me. This approach is something that I feel close to and I still use the recordings.

– Who were the artists/labels who have helped You to shape and find Your own sound?

There are too many to name just a few but the main genius of sequencer to me is Chrislo Haas. I will always be following him.

– What is Your view on today’s Techno scene?

Recently, we were talking with Kerri LeBon about this. Now, when the scene is based on Facebook and USB DJs. It’s easy to keep things safe, to play safe tracks and not break any rules. I consider it to be cheesy shit. Also it’s very easy to release the music today due to the internet and modern technologies. In my opinion it has reduced the soul of music because mainly I don’t feel that many artists are hungry enough to create something outstanding or integrate something new into their music.

To me only a few artists are brave enough to deserve the attention. Terence Fixmer is very unique artist who passed all of that Belgian wave through his mind and was brave enough to transfer this energy to Techno music. Artists from Downwards and Jealous God still are the ones whom I understand deeply. We had a long conversation with Phase Fatale in the artist room in Milano recently about it and I can’t wait for his new Jealous God EP. The guy really rocks.

I don’t follow a lot of new stuff  which is coming out lately and usually do not give feedbacks to promos. If I find someone who is brave enough and unique I contact them directly as I did with Kerri LeBon. EBM today is not authentic in terms of spirit. In the early days the energy was pure and masculine. Today it has become something similar to trance. Many EBM bands use Trancy leads and other vulgar sounds. The vibe is lost to me.

– What can we expect from You in the future?

The Revolution.

We are in the stage of mastering my next EP on Stellar Remnant (The label by ex Mount Analog curator and his wife Lena Deen from Prologue records) Now they are developing their own distribution and record store in US. The EP will include a brutal remix by Kerri Lebon. Should be released in winter 2016.